Me having a wee / haciendo pipi
Two girls one show
Having a relaxing bath
Teniendo un baño relajante
Me taking a bath with bath bombs on it...
Yo tomando un baño con bombas...
Would you like to check my naked body? Come on, go ahead
Te gustaría echar un vistazo a mi cuerpo? Vamos, adelante
Here practicing a new idea for a future performance
Aqui practicando una nueva idea para un futuro espectaculo
Me hanging around topless
Yo paseandome en topless
I am Liere von Can or @double_savage on social media and I am a part of CA for 3 years now, love to have the chats groups where we can give each others tips
Going to the toilet and dropping the golden liquid
Ir al servicio y soltando el líquido dorado
Me going to the bathroom
Yo cuando voy al baño

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